Monday, March 25, 2013

Review: The Brazen Bride

The Brazen Bride by Stephanie Laurens

The Black Cobra Quartet 3
Genre: Historical Romance
Rating: 5 stars

They're bold, courageous, resolute . . . ex-officers of the Crown united against a deadly traitor known only as the Black Cobra.
Shipwrecked, wounded, he risks all to pursue his mission—only to discover a partner as daring and brazen as he.
Fiery, tempestuous, a queen in her own realm, she rescues a warrior—only to find her heart under siege.
Bound by passion, linked by need, together they must brave the enemy's gauntlet to win all their hearts' desire.

My Thoughts:

What can I say this is the best book of the quartet. From the very start Stephanie had me with the characters.

Logan loses his memory when the ship he was on goes down and he bumps his head. He washes up in a cove where two children find him. Linnet the owner of the cove and the manor heals him back to health except for his memory.

After he regains his memory him and Linnet take on of her ships and sails to England. Logan ends up falling in love with her and feels like all she wants from him is someone to teach her all about sex. In the end they work it all out.